Residential Facility:
24 Peach Street
SSS Village,
Barangay Concepcion Dos 1811 Marikina City,
Metro Manila,

Residential Facility: : +63 2 997-1479

Registered Office:
37 Bronze St,
SSS Village,
Concepcion Dos 1811 Marikina City,
Metro Manila


MCW is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, with Company Reg. No. CN200702581 and Company TIN 006645979


Meritxell Children's World Foundation Inc. (MCW) provides love and a caring environment for abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused children.

MCW is a secular, non-governmental, child-caring agency that aspires to provide protective, nurturing and sheltering homes for children. The children in MCW come from referrals from government orphanages, institutions or hospitals. The children it assists shall be provided with their fundamental human rights in accordance with the tenets of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The founders and members of MCW do everything possible to provide everything necessary for the children's survival. They also accord the children's developmental rights that will allow them to flourish into a happy, balanced, mature, independent, Christ-like and loving human being.

MCW shall do everything necessary to integrate children with their biological families, assuring them of family counselling, livelihood assistance, financial support and other basic survival necessities. However MCW shall not be afraid to make the decision of the dissolution of parental authority where a child finds no family support or is abandoned. It is ready to step in as the parent obligated to protect the child.

MCW's institutional shelters shall only be drop-in shelters for temporary accommodations. Nevertheless, these temporary homes shall provide the most nurturing environment for children. As MCW is looking for a more permanent and secure home for each child, the children will be under the care of highly-trained and experienced childcare professionals, under the constant supervision of MCW's pro-active founders.

In addition, MCW intends to actively monitor developments of children in difficult circumstances - children in prison, in trash mountains, in toxic environments, in orphanages, in slum communities, in relief and evacuation centers, in prostitution dens and brothels, disabled children and child soldiers in rebel organizations. MCW shall evaluate these circumstances and provide alternative solutions and environments for these children.


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