Residential Facility:
24 Peach Street
SSS Village,
Barangay Concepcion Dos 1811 Marikina City,
Metro Manila,

Residential Facility: : +63 2 997-1479

Registered Office:
37 Bronze St,
SSS Village,
Concepcion Dos 1811 Marikina City,
Metro Manila


MCW is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, with Company Reg. No. CN200702581 and Company TIN 006645979


Meritxell Children's World Foundation (MCW) has been caring for marginalized and abandoned children aged 0-15 since 2008. The Foundation was established to provide a loving environment for children who have had little opportunity for any kind of family support, specifically those who have been rescued, abandoned, neglected, orphaned, or trafficked. It is a more a home than an institution.

MCW began as a response to the difficulties of providing adequate care and attention to abandoned girls in the state run care system in the Philippines. Whilst there is a functioning system of orphanages and foster homes, the resources available are stretched, and there are always more children in need than the state system can accommodate. Children who have no formal records (e.g. birth certificates), usually those who have been abandoned, rescued or trafficked, are the most difficult for the system to support as there are few resources available for the difficult work of following through on time-consuming and costly paperwork when there are many other children to look after. The purpose of MCW is to help complete the legal processes for those children so that they can enter the formal adoption system of the Philippines. Only once the legal process is completed do the children have a chance of starting life with a permanent family placement either in the Philippines or abroad.

MCW is named after a quaint sanctuary town in the landlocked Principality of Andorra, nestled in the Eastern Pyrenees Mountains straddling the borders of Spain and France. The Principality of Andorra has no commercial or trade relations whatsoever with the Philippines. Neither does it have a consulate or diplomatic mission here. But Andorra has helped establish Children's Homes, shelters and sanctuary for children in especially difficult circumstances. The patron saint of Andorra, Our Lady of Meritxell now has another sanctuary outside Andorra and MCW is grateful for Andorra's support.

Aside from the initial funding support from Andorra, Meritxell operates from donations from a range of individuals. Running two homes to the highest standards requires substantial funding, and we are always appreciative of additional support.

MCW believes that every child deserves and will benefit from an education and as such strives to provide the best education possible. MCW is proud to be the only child-caring agency in the Philippines today that sends its children to a top private school, the Infant Jesus Academy. The Department of Education recognizes Infant Jesus Academy in Marikina City within the top two best schools out of eighty seven private schools. MCW also sources volunteer tutors from local teachers colleges to help the girls succeed at school.

MCW Foundation trustees envision a permanent family placement for each child, if family reintegration is not possible. We explore all possible options for permanent adoption placements for the children in our care with loving families, locally or overseas. This includes a partnership with International Christian Adoptions for the participation of Meritxell children in the summer and winter camp programs in the USA for older children, which provides wonderful life experiences they would not otherwise have.

The number of girls we care for in the girl's home varies up to a maximum of around 25. A large number of girls who have been in our care have already been adopted by new families, with the majority going to international families.

In 2010 Meritxell Children's World Foundation Inc expanded to begin a home for abandoned infants nearby in Marikina.

MCW is registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission, with Company Reg. No. CN200702581 and Company TIN 0066459


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