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Meritxell Children's World Foundation Inc. (MCWFI) has been caring for marginalized and abandoned children aged 0-15 since 2008. Meritxell began as a response to the difficulties of providing adequate care and attention to abandoned girls in the state run care system in the Philippines. In 2010 Meritxell Children's World Foundation Inc expanded to begin a home for abandoned infants.

The Foundation was established to provide a loving environment for children who have had little opportunity for any kind of family support, specifically those who have been rescued, abandoned, neglected, orphaned, surrendered and found. It is more of a home than an institution.

Aside from the initial funding support from Andorra, Meritxell operates from donations from a range of individuals. Running two homes to the highest standards requires substantial funding, and we are always appreciative of additional support.

Meritxell believes that every child deserves and will benefit from an education. Meritxell is proud to be the only child-caring agency in the Philippines today that sends its children to a top private school, the Infant Jesus Academy.

Meritxell Foundation trustees envision a permanent family placement for each child, if family reintegration is not possible. We explore all possible options for permanent adoption placements for the children in our care with loving families, locally or overseas. This includes a partnership with Inter-County-Adoption Board (ICAB) for the participation of Meritxell children in the summer and winter camp programs in the USA for older children, which provides wonderful life experiences they would not otherwise have and inter-country adoption.


Girls' Home

Exclusively for girls
4-15 years old
20-bed capacity
3 staff

Dan Aid
Babies' Home

For males and females
3 years old and below
10-bed capacity
3 staff


Board of Advisees



Meritxell Children's World Foundation Inc. (MCWFI) provides love and a caring environment for abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused children.

Meritxell is a non-governmental, non-profit, child-caring agency that aspires to provide protective, nurturing and sheltering homes for children. The children in Meritxell come from referrals from government orphanages, institutions, or hospitals. The children it assists shall be provided with their fundamental human rights in accordance with the tenets of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The founders and members of MCWFI do their utmost efforts to provide everything that are necessary for the children's survival. They also accord the children's developmental rights that will allow them to flourish into a happy, balance, mature, independent, Christ-like and loving human beings.

Meritxell shall do everything necessary to reintegrate children with their biological families, assuring them of family counselling, livelihood assistance, financial support and other basic survival necessities. However, Meritxell shall not be afraid to make the decision of the dissolution of parental authority where a child finds no family support or is abandoned. It is ready to step in as the parent obligated to protect the child.

MCWFI's institutional shelters shall only be drop-in shelters for temporary accomodations. Nevertheless, these temporary homes shall provide the most nurturing environment for children. As MCWFI's is looking for a more permanent and secure home for each child, the children will be under the care of highly-trained and experienced childcare professionals, under the constant supervision of MCWFI's pro-active founders.

In addition, Meritxell intends to actively monitor developments of children in difficult circumstances - children in prison, in trash mountains, in toxic environments, in orphanages, in slum communities, in relief and evacuation centers, in prostitution dens and brothels, disabled children and child soldiers in rebel organizations, Meritxell shall evaluate these circumstances and provide alternative solutions and environments for these children.

Help Out


Donating to MCWFI can help provide a new start in life for a child who desperately needs it. All funds go directly to the support for the children - for day-to-day living, for their education, for the services required to support adoption processes for the children, and for counselling and pastoral care.

Bank: BPI - Bank of the Philippine Islands
Branch: Paseo de Roxas Branch,
BPI Paseo Condominium Center,
8753 Paseo de Roxas Makati City Philippines 1227
Account Name: Meritxell Children's World Foundation Inc.
Peso Current Savings Account No.: 3021 4113 95
US Dollar Account No.: 3024 0264 76
SWIFT Code: BOPIPHMM, Branch Code: 302 (for donations abroad)


The two homes we operate are staffed by experienced and warm-hearted employees. However it is always useful to have additional assistance for tutoring the young girls out of school hours, taking the children on excursions to experience the world outside the home and develop their self-confidence. If you have skills to offer please get in touch to discuss how we might benefit from those.


It costs Php 8,000 per month to care for, house, feed, clothe and educate each child. Sponsoring a child can make a great difference in child’s life!

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Residential Facility

24 Peach Street
SSS Village
Barangay Concepcion Dos 1811, Marikina City
Metro Manila

Contact Number: +632 997-1479
Email: meritxellchildrenshome@gmail.com